The Environment

There is a certain reassurance that comes with the knowledge that you have bought from a company that takes it’s environmental responsibilities seriously.

Décor Shade Systems Inc. together with Louvolite is constantly striving to improve its performance in environmentally friendly practices, not just with direct manufacturing processes but also with the wider distribution issues so often ignored.

Both Décor Shade & Louvolite are firmly committed to working towards appropriate international standards and advisory programs, in order to further reduce any impact on the environment.

Energy Watch From Décor Shade Systems Inc.

Décor Shade Systems Inc. is delighted to announce that it has established energy performance figures for its window blind fabrics. Backed up by physical fabric tests carried out by the National Physical Laboratory and Leeds University and verified by an independent expert using certified European standards, Décor Shade  fabrics can now be categorised into Energy Ratings 1, 2 and 3.

Décor Shade Systems Inc. has based the tests on typical house types detailed as; small (terraced), medium (semi-detached) and large (detached) homes. The annual space heat requirement (k/watt hours/m2/annum) for each home was established without window blinds and then with window blinds to establish the reduction in annual space heat requirement. This was then given a value based on current energy costs and the reduction in ASHR established and valued.

The overall saving is very encouraging with maximum annual savings of almost 15% of ASHR able to be achieved dependent on glazing system and fabric selected.