3.5 Inch Plantation Shutters

Shutters with louvers of 3.5 inches are commonly known as Plantation Shutters. With the louvers open, visibility is actually 56% greater than with 2 1/2″ California shutters, since the opening between louvers is about an inch wider. As the name indicates, this type of shutter first become popular on the southern plantations, though it now works well in both traditional and contemporary homes.

Plantation shutters with louvers of 3 1/2 inches wide are the perfect choice for windows that open to a beautiful view, but some privacy is also desired. They also work well for doors and room dividers. The medium width louvers allow for increased visibility and a much clearer view than the smaller California shutters, though not as open as the wider 4 1/2 inch shutters provide. When the louvers are in the closed position, complete privacy can be attained.