French Door Cutout

The beauty of Decor Shade Systems ™ Shutters is not meant for windows alone! Shutters for French doors are an excellent way to further enhance the elegance and sophistication of any room.


Now you can install shutters on doors without changing the door handles. The contoured design of the unique Eclipse™ Shutters cutout panelfits behind the levered handle and does not obstruct the movement of the handle. Since the louvers are built around the cutout panel, the handle operates freely without interference from the shutter

The traditional Tilt-Bar System provides a tight and uniform closure of all louvers at once and is located on the front center of each panel of Eclipse Shutters. If you’d prefer your shutters without the central tilt-bar, the French door shutters are also available in the Clearview system. The louver width you will select depends on how open you would like the view out of your French doors to be. Eclipse Shutters offers shutters for French doors in either 2 ½” or 3 ½” lover sizes.